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Fit3D - 1 Scan

Price: $50.00

Item Description

No more circumference measurements or inaccurate weight or body fat data!

The concept of this body scan started in the clothing industry to get specific measurements without the need for a tailor.

It then evolved to the fitness industry to give us that same information, which we can use to identify problem areas and track progress.

More recently, Fit3D came out with new software to give accurate body fat data comparable to DEXA (Gold standard), as well as a postural analysis that we can use to give you more precise exercise recommendations and movements to avoid.

Super excited to take you to the next level with this!

$50/Scan (Non-Members)
$45/Scan (Members)
$40/month with 3 month Commitment (Non-Members)
$30/month with 3 month Commitment (Members) *This membership renews after the 3 months to another 3 months *Please send us a 5 day notice of cancellation to avoid auto-renewal*